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"Vote and solve” is a project of the democratic participation of young people sighted, partly sighted and visually impaired people. Our aim is to increase knowledge about our civil rights and to strengthen our citizenship. Thanks to our project we want that more people take actively part in elections, especially visually impaired youth. The activities will be carried out by the participants . During the exchange will be introduced the history of democracy, and this encourage us to discussion about how it looks today. We want to include young people with disabilities to feel part of a united Europe as full citizens, and also show them that their vote is important in the context of all local elections and parliamentary elections. In the exchange will attend 44 young people and leaders from Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Hungary in age of range from 17 to 25 years old. We want to achieve as a result of our activities such as workshops, discussions, presentations, to increase our awareness of being citizens, because we must be active participants in social life at every level. In the frame of non-formal education young people will satisfy their social need of participation in democracy and a sense of influence on political life. The people involved in the project will be strenghten in the belief that the blind and partially sighted are socially useful as any other member of society. The aim of the project is to develop attitudes of being open-minded and tolerant in terms of breaking down stereotypes of thinking about people with disabilities and to strengthen their sense of influence and responsibility for the political and social changes. Specific objectives: broadening civic awareness of young people including the blind and visually impaired, to develop positive patterns in the use of democracy, being a member of civil society, equal opportunities for the blind in the active social life.

Hosting organization – Brajlowka foundation

Number of participants per country 9 plus leader plus assistant ( total 11 )

Age of participants 17-25

Daugiau apie projektą „Stage of Friendship" anglų kalba:

Youth exchange "Stage of Friendship”
Lithuanian-Polish Fund
27 May-2 June 2018
Poronin, Poland

The ”Stage of Friendship” project is a youth exchange that will take place in Poronin on 27 May – 2 June 2018. The youth from Poland and Lithuania will create a performance called ’Stage of Friendship’, where they will show the audience how strong Polish-Lithuanian friendship is. The project is of an integrative nature, combines visually impaired, blind and disabled young people with non-disabled youth. During the exchange, we will use informal education methods. The purpose of the exchange is to create a picture of Poland and Lithuania as tolerant countries, working together for friendship and a better tomorrow.
Number of participants 12 per country including 2 leaders
During seven days young people age 17-21 will create a theatrical spectacle about Polish-Lithunian friendship and common roots.


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